Our bindery and finishing expertise helps you create eye-catching products. Many of our customers value our creativity in this area so much that they bring us in on the ground floor of the job.

We also have ample in-house capability that allows Progressive to expedite your job for lightening fast turnaround. Some jobs need the careful, personal attention of hand assembly. And our hand bindery operation is as meticulous as our machine bindery is automated.

No matter how you want it cut, folded, scored or die cut, we deliver.


2 Saber 54” Guillotines

Folding and Stitching

MBO 2-26 & 1-32 Folders

All 3 folders have 8 page units. 2–16 page units that may be used on either folder. All folders have the following capability with inline attachments. Roto Crease Scoring system offering letterpress quality score. MBO double gate-fold unit for specialty folding. Fenimore 3 hole in line punch with 1/4 + 5/16 holes. Fenimore inline stitcher trimmer unit capable of folding stitching and trimming in one operation 8, 12, and 16 page self cover books. Inline Shrink wrapping. Inline paper banding.

Muller Martini 6 Pocket Saddle-stitcher with Cover Feeder

  • Maximum standard book 9 3/8”x 13 3/4”.
  • Maximum oblong book 12”x 9”.
  • Minimum standard book 3 1/2”x 5 1/2”.
  • In-Line 3 knife trimming. Capability of floating card insert between stitches.

 Duplo SC 10,000

Single sheet collator system will collate 20 sheets per set

Specialty Finishing Operations Tape-Services Stik-it Tape Applicator

Ability to accurately apply up to 4 strips of 1/2”, 3/4”, or 1” double sided tape from
rolls in either strip or spot mode (stop and start of a tape head one or more times
on a single piece). Tape sheets up to 24” wide and any length. Film Laminating

Scott Tab Cutting Equipment

Cut any width index tab.

In House Die Shop & Finishing

Richards Electromatic Die Making Saw

Heidelberg 22”x 30 1/4” (Cylinder Letterpress)

Number, die cut, perforate and score.

Meihle 14”x 20” – Number, die cut, perforate and score.

Kluge 12”x 18”  – Number, die cut, perforate and score.

Chandler & Price 12”x 18” – Number, die cut, perforate and score.

COVERBIND 5000 desktop document binding machine spine size 1/16” to 2” max 14” wide